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SIRA S.p.A. is a company specializing in supplying high-quality screwdriving tools. We work with renowned brands such as KILEWS, Kuken, Lobtex, Nitto, Shimpo, Sugino, Uryu, and Vessel. Each brand offers specialized solutions for industrial and civil needs, ensuring excellent performance every time. From KILEWS’ mechanical torque-controlled tightening products to Lobtex’s handheld tools, from Nitto’s fittings and complements to Nitto Seiko’s automatic tightening systems, from Shimpo’s complements to Uryu’s tools and servos, to Vessel’s bush and blade tools, our product range is comprehensive and reliable. SIRA S.p.A. is your ideal choice for all your high-quality screwdriving tools. Check out our website or see our catalogs for more information and contact us for your needs.


Global precision engineering company that manufactures, supplies and distributes cutting tools to major industrial operations worldwide. With a legacy based on a commitment to quality, they have been in the market for nearly 60 years as a leading manufacturer and supplier of precision tools.

The ‘broad and comprehensive portfolio includes a wide range of grinders and sanders to maximize productivity, efficiency and maintain safety.

ATA products are available at catalog #3 under Portable Tools


BMS’s mission is to strive in delivering value in the form of increased productivity, greater sustainability and improved safety through our ever-growing range of integrated torque management and control solutions.

Operational excellence and innovation are the cornerstones on which the 80-20 philosophy is based:

Whatever the need sought, BMS immediately has 80% of the solution. By listening to specifications and desires we develop the final 20%, providing a customized solution specific to the technological need.

Providing highly technical and customized solutions for a wide range of different industries, such as automotive, MRO, aviation, general assembly, and vehicle maintenance, has given BMS the knowledge and expertise to excel in its field. With pioneering dynamometer tool technology such as OLED displays, Zigbee communications, angle measurement and RFID, it paved the way for the progression of digital torque tools, something that is still being realized today.

BMS products are available in catalog #2 in the new Electronic Measuring Instruments section


Bosch has always been at the forefront of offering innovative products, solutions and services for industry and crafts.

The EXACT product line offers specific solutions for the assembly market through drive and control technologies bent on ensuring maximum productivity through intelligent electronic controls combined with electromechanical drives.

BOSCH EXACT products can be found in Catalog No. 1 under ACC – Screwdrivers with Mechanical Torque Control


Professionals in many industries have relied on Cengar products for decades for reliability, low maintenance and operator safety. Cengar air saws are used worldwide in many application areas including off shore platforms, petrochemical refineries, boarding, pallets, wheeled vehicles, marine maintenance. All pneumatic machines are Atex-certified, are also reliable, fast cutting with a long working life, transmitting low vibrations, allowing them to be used continuously under most conditions.

The society was founded in 1945.

CENGAR products are available at catalog #3 under Portable Tools


Founded in 1971, Crane Electronics provides solutions for torque management and torque control problems. Knowledge and expertise meet the needs of manufacturing industries with a view to improved quality, safety, traceability, and higher productivity in the operating environment in multiple sectors, including land mobility, aerospace, construction, and marine mobility.

Enthusiasm and dedication enable Crane in providing flexible solutions and unique, personalized service. The product range covers torque wrenches, rotary torque transducers, static transducers, data acquisition, testers and system software. This allows exhaustive evaluations of tool capabilities and assessments and controls of process capabilities.

CRANE products can be found in catalog #1 under Measuring Instruments.


NITTO KOHKI’s “Delvo” electric screwdrivers are quality-designed tools for industrial use, with emphasis on torque control by mechanical clutches and current absorption.

A high degree of reliability and accuracy is a key goal for the DELVO system, as it ensures the proper functioning of the system itself and the safety of the users who use it.

DELVO products can be found in catalog #1 under ACC – Screwdrivers with Mechanical Torque Control


”For the world, a safer future”

ESTIC is a manufacturer of complete assembly solutions whose vision and philosophy is to create safer work environments and stimulate the production of safe industrial artifacts.

The challenge: to become the world leader in assembly technology.

The company provides screwing/pressing and assembly solutions in a wide range of industries, including land mobility and air mobility. Technological solutions.

For nearly 30 years since its founding, Estic has listened to the needs and requirements of clients, with pride in being outstretched in finding solutions and solving specific problems through a wide range of products esupport.

ESTIC products are available in catalog #1 under the section AEC – Electronic Controlled Screwdrivers.


Company founded in August 1938

The name ‘Kanon’ was originally derived from a Latin word, meaning “Codex” or “Standard.”

The company chose to bear this name because all its measuring tools (torque wrenches and torque screwdrivers) have always been rated as the best products having characteristics of industrial excellence.

KANON products can be found in catalog #1 under Mechanical Wrenches.


founded in July 1984, began its production and propositional activities of electric screwdrivers with only 6 employees. Today it is a global reference in the context of industrial electrical assembly, specializing its technical propositions on screwing tools always based on electric and electronic motors.

KILEWS products are available on the


Japanese company specializing in the study, design, manufacture and supply of pneumatic tools and transducer torque multipliers for industrial and civil applications.

Enthusiasm, doggedness and iron leadership with reference to dictates in the key of quality characterize the Japanese manufacturer globally appreciated for its specialized solutions.

KUKEN products are available on the:


The Lobtex Group, always seeks to interact with an open mind and sincere attitude in full accord with trust, supporting production sites with high-quality pneumatic, electrical and mechanical riveting tools.

Lobtex bases its being on the strength of each and every employee, bar none. From day one, the “Lobster” brand has gained tremendous trust, offering a wide range of work tools specializing in rivets.

LOBTEX products are available in catalog No. 2 under Portable Tools


Nitto Kohki is a world-renowned Japanese company and manufacturer of high-tech components, tools and machines.

Products include electric, hydraulic, and pneumatic power tools for use in industrial environments and fluid passage fittings for use in industrial, medical, biotechnology, nuclear, electronic, and computer fields.

NITTO KOHKI products are available


Founded in February 1938, it specializes in fastening and fastener automation, providing solutions tailored to the directions and needs of clients. NITTOSEIKO products are available in a wide range of areas. For example, “industrial fasteners (screws)” are used in the automotive industry, camera manufacturing, cell phones and eyewear. “Screw clamping robots” and “automatic assembly machines” are used in assembly processes of automotive components, home appliances, amusement equipment, and information equipment

NITTO SEIKO products can be found in catalog No. 1 under Automatic Screwing Systems


Creating solutions that enrich lives: We are engineering sustainable solutions that will help create a better world – now and in the future.

At Panasonic, our primary goal is to help people enrich people’s lives by promoting useful, high-quality technology solutions that have a positive impact on the world and our customer’s day-to-day lives. We are also committed to innovating new, sustainable technologies that create a healthier planet.

By imagining a better future and by working to make it a reality through the development of technologies that empower people to pursue their passions – we hope to create the foundation for a more just, fair, and prosperous society, thereby enabling people to live their best, most fulfilling lives.

PANASONIC products can be found in catalog No. 1 under Industrial Assembly – Screwings


Nidec seeks the provision and proposition of essential solutions for global environmental conservation and contribution of the improvement of people’s lives.

Passion, Enthusiasm, Tenacity are its cornerstones.

SHIMPO products are available in catalog No. 2 under Complements.


Company Founded in March 1936

Sugino Machine develops, designs, manufactures and sells high-pressure jet cleaning equipment, ultra-high-pressure water cutting equipment, nuclear power plant inspection and maintenance equipment, wet/dry atomization equipment, drilling units, tapping units, machining centers, pipe expansion tools and equipment, pipe pulling equipment, roller polishing tools, etc.

SUGINO products are available in catalog No. 3 under the Machines section


Founded in February 1915, it is a manufacturing company that has always aimed to research and propose products of the highest quality and reliability. Since the dawn of the first pneumatic tools in the last century, the offering has been developed on an integral proposition of pneumatic, electric, and electronic tools and servos intended for use in various global industries.

The most obvious characterization is based on the development and proposition of hydraulic impact wrenching solutions declined in variants with air motor, wire electric, and battery electric.

URYU products are available on the


Company founded in May 1916

VESSEL is a leading tool manufacturer with a strong and obvious leaning toward the principles of high quality, fair prices, new product development and customer satisfaction.

Operating in a changing social environment requires attention to the need in acting to reduce the environmental impact of production activities and products. Vessel has long since initiated a series of activities focused on meeting the requirements of eco-friendly guidelines, extending product life, using recycled materials, designing products for easy recovery and recycling of post-use resources, and saving resources. In over 100 years of history, a ‘commitment to quality has distinguished and forged our operations…VESSEL Mark of Quality

VESSEL products are available on the