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Since 1972…

SIRA Spa is the market leader in the marketing of professional tools and accessories. With nearly 50 years of experience in technical distribution, we are proud to offer our customers high-quality products from the best manufacturers around the world. Our extensive selection includes a variety of tools for professional and industrial applications, as well as a full range of accessories such as fittings, tubing, clamps, blades and more. Choose SIRA to find the perfect professional tools and accessories for your needs.

Professional Tools

From the world's top manufacturers of tools and assistive instrumentation, a selection of specific tools for professional and industrial applications.

Electronic measuring instruments

BMS Ireland products have been present in the sector for over 40 years; BMS-Ireland is today one of the most renowned specialist companies for torque measurement.

With the refinement of new technologies in torque tools, such as OLED displays, torque and torque/angle transducers, the electronic control system also transduced on the mechanical trigger and the patented break wrenches, BMS embodies the knowledge and experience necessary to excel in the field of control thanks to the supply of customized technological tools, applicable to a wide range of sectors such as automotive assembly, aerospace and maintenance of wheeled vehicles and beyond.

Compasses and Blades

Screwing blades and inserts designed and manufactured with tight tolerances and basic metallurgical materials with properties specific to the determined industrial application.

Fittings and Complements

Nitto Kohki high-flow compressed air quick couplings, hoses and accessories for pneumatic systems, balancers, blow guns, and complements.

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