“Sustainability is an attribute that implies constant, preferably increasing well-being with the perspective in leaving future generations with a quality of life that is not inferior to the present one.”

We at SIRA are keenly aware of our responsibilities in sustaining the planet and helping to maintain resources; as proof we have activated the protocol and certification to the standard ISO 140001 as a voluntary self-monitoring and accountability tool to pursue the evaluative dictates to continuous improvement of environmental performance.

However, we are driven to pursue and promote the expanded concept of sustainability, not exclusively in the use of resources related to environmental vision alone, but also economic, generating jobs and income and social involving security, health, justice and wealth.

modus operandi
leads us to the constant search for and proposition of specialized and specialized products, technologies, and services that develop sustainable solutions, increasing customers’ productivity, reducing costs, and helping them meet their needs.

We are a company…

…of competent PEOPLE, passionate about their work, committed daily to providing value to the customer;

…devoted toINNOVATION, investing in research and development to develop new solutions that create benefits for customers;

PRESENT in the technical supply market by directly or indirectly offering products or services through different portfolio brands to proactively address needs and generate/propose solutions;

…whereOPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE is the mantra that constantly guides us in improving efficiencies with responsible use of resources in developing quality propositions.