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Nitto Kohkiserie HygienicCupla couplings
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Nitto Kohkiserie HygienicCupla couplings

Hygienic Cupla Series have just been released. It is a quick connect coupling designed for easy connection and disconnection of food manufacturing piping. The main application and features are as follows:


Hygienic Cupla was born to solve the various troubles of ferrule joints at food manufacturing factories, i.e., it takes time to disassemble and clean, it takes time and effort to assemble piping, the clamps work loose and leaks, the packings can easily dislodge and become contaminated, overtightening the clamps cut the packing.
Hygienic Cupla solves these problems by its features unique to couplers.


  • Quick and easy connection and disconnection
    It can be connected by just inserting the plug to the socket and twisting the “Safety lock”.
    By twisting the “Safety lock” counterclockwise, the safety lock will unlock for easy disconnection.
  • Corrosionresistant
    Stainless steel (JIS SUS316L equivalent) for the liquid contact parts, buffing (#400) to prevent propagation of various bacteria.
  • Easy to disassemble and clean
    No tools are required for disassembling/assembling. Small number of components requires minimum effort when cleaning. No small parts to lose.