Environmental policy

Management in consideration of the increasing market demand for consolidated quality standards and the importance of prevention and commitment to environmental protection, convinced of the internal improvements that can be achieved through the development of an environmental culture, has put in place environmental behaviour and operating practices. To this end, it has decided to adopt appropriate operational means and, above all, to make all Personnel responsible and aware in a coordinated manner.

SIRA S.p.A. believes that business management for the Environment is indispensable through:

  • The careful analysis of the business environment and risks, aimed at seeking continuous opportunities for improvement;
  • Commitment to environmental protection, including the prevention of pollution;
  • Compliance with environmental regulatory requirements;
  • The commitment to continuous improvement to enhance environmental performance;
  • The pursuit of assiduous and constant collaboration with suppliers of materials and services in order to activate relationships marked by continuous growth;
  • The care of professional growth for all company personnel;
  • Increasing awareness among operating personnel of their contribution to the effectiveness of the environmental management system;
  • The search for technical, technological and plant engineering solutions that can prevent possible pollution;
  • Environmental control of suppliers with targeted audits and training.

Management aims to create in its employees an ever-increasing attention towards environmental protection, through information meetings, training and periodic audits, as well as seeking the cooperation of its stakeholders.

Management is aware that the objective of ensuring respect for the environment requires a constant commitment on the part of all personnel and that it can only be successfully achieved through their full involvement.