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The iDuctor ® is a portable induction tool which removes bolts, nuts and other stuck parts by using induction technology. It creates workplaces without flame or open fire.

The iDuctor® has been developed in the Netherlands: a 100% Dutch product. From the first IDPRO-W1200, now introducing the newest IDPRO-W2300!


  • A patented clamp mechanism. This mechanism clamps the induction coils in a correct and complete way at any time.So the conduction to the coils will always be optimal. Due to the push-button system, change is much easier and faster than with a fixing screw.As a result of optimal contact you will also avoid excessive heat development in the clamping connection as a result of the contact resistance.
  • Patented computer-controlled protection against overloading of the electronic guarantees a carefree use of iDuctor.
  • Variable adjustment of time and power. A button on the back of the tool allows six different settings of the time and power.
  • An autonomous ventilation system. This implies that the heat produced in the tool is transported correctly and most effectively. This extends significantly the life of integrated electronics.
  • When you choose this unique tool, basically you don’t need a set of burners in your workplace. Here are the benefits:
    – cost savings on all rental cylinders
    – savings on annual inspection fees
    – savings on staff costs
    – avoid the risk of fire of staff clothing
    – avoid the risk of fire in your workplace
    – avoid the damage of fire of the vehicle you are working on, damage of electrical wiring, ofplates, of fuel lines (plastic), of brake lines (plastic), and so on.
    – and even more
  • A beautiful design completes the tool. Its design won, among other things, the IF Award and the award of “GoedIndustrieelOntwerp” ( GIO award). So this ergonomic model is very handy and it is easy to handle. In addition, the iDuctor comes in a well-equipped high quality plastic case.