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Crane Torquestar
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Crane Torquestar

CRANE TorqueStar Data Collector Series

The new TorqueStar data collector series from Crane Electronics is the latest innovation of the ground-breaking torque measurement system.

The revolutionary TorqueStar data collector, first launched in 1992, has been used in hundreds of applications worldwide, including assembly tool auditing and fastener tightening validation. It is utilised throughout the manufacturing world as well as quality and auditing departments across some of the world’s biggest industries.

The new TorqueStar series, the Lite, Plus and Pro, delivers a solution to fit all budgets and applications with updated technology and expanded features to offer superior torque measurement performance.

The new series ranges from the TorqueStar Lite, the new basic torque data collector and indicator, to the TorqueStar Plus, with extensive new features, statistics and new full-colour screen, up to the TorqueStar Pro, with torque traces, ‘jobs & rounds’, RF communication and advanced statistics.

Key Features

  • Next phase of innovative torque data collectors
  • Simple readout (Lite) to comprehensive audit tool (Plus/Pro)
  • Display of all torque data and curves (Plus / Pro)
  • Track, peak, click and pulse measurement as standard
  • Force, audit (Plus/Pro) move-on, yield and re-tighten (Pro)
  • Simple and easy to use OLED screen (Lite)
  • Full-colour screen with icon based, easy navigation display (PlusPro)
  • Communicates with your PC system and also our OMS Torque Software (Pro only)
  • Options available to suit all budgets and applications

TorqueStar Lite

The TorqueStar Lite is a new basic torque data collector and indicator performing simple measurements of torque in track, peak, click and pulse modes. The Lite is ideal for users who want a quick and straight-forward ‘plug and play’ data collector with high precision results.

TorqueStar Lite

TorqueStar Plus

The TorqueStar Plus, incorporating a full-colour, backlit screen, is a mid-range torque data collector with additional features including force, audit modes and the display of real-time measurement data. With an icon-based navigation system, the Plus has an extensive range of features and statistics allowing accurate data recording and analysis for vital assembly torque records.

TorqueStar Pro

The TorqueStar Pro is a premium torque data collector. It is designed with the same hardware as the Plus, but provides the user with even more functionality. The Pro has all the features of the Plus model but with additional capabilities including move-on, re-tighten and yield, ‘Jobs’ and ‘Rounds’, advanced statistics, and torque trace graphs.

TorqueStar Plus and Pro